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Destination Wedding Planning: Part 1

We've been in Jamaica for 4 days, and this video covers all of the wedding planning lessons I've gathered pre-wedding day - from arriving, to planning meetings, and all the fun stuff in between. Look out for Part 2 to hear more about the wedding day! 

2017 Year in Review (And my first vlog!)

As I wrap up 2017, it's time to reflect on all of the amazing things that have happened this year. This has been a big year for me and my business, and I couldn't have done it without the support of my awesome clients! So, without further ado, here are the top 5 things that happened in 2017, in countdown fashion. 

5) The launch of Wedding Building Blocks

This is an online wedding planning course for engaged couples. It's also the reason I learned how to do video editing and was actually able to put together this first vlog post, because it's a video series that takes couples through the wedding planning process, including getting organized, planning, and executing their wedding day. There are downloadable templates and worksheets, and it's hands down one of the coolest things I've ever created. If you're looking for more wedding planning help you can find the course here, and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel where I'll be vlogging regularly in 2018 with more wedding planning tips and advice. 

4) I went full time with Thrifty Events

I launched Thrifty Events in 2015 while still working full time, then transitioned to part-time work, and this year I officially quit my day job to pursue this passion. It's been an amazing experience being able to make a living doing the thing that I love, but if you asked me how it was going back in March, I may not have been able to give that answer because this pushed me way out of my comfort zone to make this kind of leap, but I'm so happy I did! I've worked with the best clients in the world and 2018 is looking to be just as great. 

3) I joined the Kent Chamber of Commerce and the Rising Tide Society's Tuesdays Together Tacoma group

I joined these groups to get to know other business owners, creative professionals and wedding industry folks. Both of these groups have taken me in under their wing and I've learned so much! I'm excited to announce that in 2018 I'm going to be serving a board of director for the Kent Chamber and a co-leader for the RTS Tuesdays Together Tacoma group. 

2) This is the most we've traveled... so far!

We're based in Western WA, and we've traveled all the way up to Guemes Island, which is near the San Juan Islands (almost near Canada), all the way down to Centralia, which is south of Olympia. Eli and I love to travel and we have a goal to go somewhere new every year, and usually somewhere outside of the United States. This year we went down to Costa Rica, we have a trip to Iceland planned in early 2018, and I'm most excited to announce that we'll be coordinating a destination wedding in Jamaica this year, too! I'll share a lot more on that soon, so stay tuned! 

1) We adopted an English Mastiff puppy named Whooper

Ok, this one has nothing to do with wedding planning, but she's just too cute to leave off the countdown. If you're following me on Instagram, you've probably seen tons of photos of her already, but if not, enjoy this cuteness overload! And then, hop over to Instagram and give me a follow for more wedding planning advice and inspiration, and a regular dose of puppy adorableness. 

It's Dressember Again!

 It's Dressember! - Photo by Kendra Design

It's Dressember! - Photo by Kendra Design

This will be my second year participating in Dressember, which is a national campaign of women wearing dresses each day in the month of December to promote awareness and raise funds to help end human trafficking. The Dressember foundation partners with IJM, A21 and McMahon/Ryan to help rescue enslaved women, provide care to victims, and fight for justice and stricter laws to end modern day slavery altogether.

While the funds raised go specifically toward human trafficking, when I put on my dresses this year, it feels like a much larger fight for women’s rights. 2017 has been a tough year for equality. It’s often hard for me to balance the feeling that we’ve come so far in the women’s rights movement, and yet have so far to go. Our presidential election, the #metoo campaign, and all of the recent publicity around sexual harassment cases have proven this to us over and over again. We still have a lot of work to do.

Did you know that there are millions of women and children that are sold as sex slaves every year? And not just in other countries. It happens here in the US, too. A lot. I remember in 2012, I was living in Indianapolis where the Super Bowl was being hosted, and there were organizations that came to the local hotels to teach staff and the public about how to spot human trafficking, the warning signs that someone is a victim, and how to get them help. It’s nothing short of disturbing to think that something this vulgar is happening in the cities where we live, but we can’t shy away from talking about it just because it makes us uncomfortable.

That’s what I love about Dressember. It brings the conversation to the forefront of the women’s rights movement. It gives us a way to have these conversations and bring awareness to this issue. While wearing a dress each day may sound silly or insignificant, it opens the door for more conversations and allows more and more women to get involved. The entire movement was actually started in 2009 by just one woman, Blythe Hill, and in 2016 there were over 5,000 women participating and over 3 million dollars have been raised. Wearing a dress doesn’t seem so silly now, does it?

As part of Team Beauty and Dignity, which is a local group of women based around Tacoma, my goal is to raise $1,000. Our team goal is to raise $25,000. It’s only December 3rd, and we’ve already raised just over $10,000. Impressive, but again, we’ve still got work to do. And that’s where you come in! If you’d like to support this cause, you can donate directly to my page:

It might have been a tough year, but there’s still hope. As long as we continue to take steps toward equality, whether that’s wearing a dress, voting, donating, volunteering, or just spreading the word, then progress is being made.

Thank you for your support of me wearing a dress, and thank you for your support for this wonderful cause!

Dressember quote.png

Wedding Buiding Blocks: An inside look at the creation of the course

I have to admit, this course almost wasn't created. It was an idea I had at the beginning of 2017, but in the midst of planning my transition from part-time at the UW to full-time with Thrifty Events, it was daunting and overwhelming to even consider how I would create the course at the same time. 

When the course was still on my mind in June, I knew it was important. I frequently overthink things, but there was something different about this course. It excited me in a way that I hadn't experienced before with wedding planning. I could see the potential impact this course would have for couples. How much easier it would make wedding planning for them. And how much more accessible working with a wedding planner could become for the many engaged couples that want guidance, but hiring a wedding planner is completely out of their budget. I knew the course had to be made! 

Then, the summer wedding season kicked in to high gear. While the content easily flowed into a course outline, and I had scribbled out my to-do list for creating the course, the thought of filming myself and editing video content seemed so overwhelming. I like to think I'm technologically savvy, but video editing? That seemed out of my wheelhouse. Having the entire course outline sitting in front of me, but feeling like it was impossible to create, was tough. But, luckily, there are some amazing online course creators that have shared their experience with how-to guides, and you better believe I binged all of it! I read every blog I could get my hands on and watched webinar after webinar on video editing, hosting a course, and how to use the platform. I was determined to get this course out there for the world to use, and luckily, I prevailed. #Girlbossmoment 

Blog photos.jpg

This course was a labor of love. I think I tapped into the depths of my creative ability, plus some. There were times that I wondered if the course would really interest couples, and if it was worth all the sweat and tears (oh yes, there were tears), but I knew more than anything, I would regret not creating it more than not trying. And when the moments got tough, I feel very fortunate to have an even tougher husband and support system of friends to get me through it. I've always loved the quote "Great things never came from comfort zones", and now, I feel like I have a new appreciation for it. From finding the motivation to begin, to getting the courage to post and launch the final product, it's been challenging, but in the best way possible. I am so incredibly proud of this course, and I know it's going to make such a huge difference for so many engaged couples struggling to get through wedding planning. They'll learn the basics of event planning, how to stay organized, get the inside scoop from a wedding planner in the industry, and have the ability to ask questions and share their progress.

With anything new, it can be a little scary, but as that fades I'm getting more and more excited to see where this journey takes us. I hope you'll join me!  

2016 Year End Review

2016 Year End Review

Everywhere you look on social media there are posts sharing disdain and frustration toward 2016, but not here! Although I’ll admit there were a few rough patches, I refuse to sit back and let 2016 go by without pausing to remember all of the amazing things we had happen this year. Maybe we’re just a few of the lucky ones, (which I don’t think is the case), but I’d consider this year to be a big success, both personally and professionally, and want to take a moment to reflect on some of the greatness that was 2016.

We're getting married!

We're getting married!

By now, if you’ve read our website or previous blog posts, you may know Eli and I are engaged to be married (yay!). Typically, I’m not very forthcoming in talking about my wedding because when I’m working with couples, I want the conversation to be abouttheir wedding, but as our wedding has gotten closer (we’re only a few days away!) we’re getting lots of questions from curious individuals about what we’re doing for our big day. So, I thought it’d be appropriate to have a little wedding gush on the ole blog and fill you all in on some of the details... For those of you that just can't get enough of your own wedding planning, this is for you! :)

Welcome to My Blog: Confessions of an Event Planner

Welcome to My Blog: Confessions of an Event Planner

Hello there! My name is Candi, lover of event planning and thrift shopping, and hence owner of Thrifty Events. I’ve debated beginning this blog for quite some time, and today I've decided to take the leap and share with you my insights and helpful tidbits about wedding planning. I want this blog to be truthful, engaging, and different from everything else you'll read out there about wedding planning, which is why I’m going to kick off the entire thing with a confession of sorts.