We're getting married!

By now, if you’ve read our website or previous blog posts, you may know Eli and I are engaged to be married (yay!). Typically, I’m not very forthcoming in talking about my wedding because when I’m working with couples, I want the conversation to be about their wedding, but as our wedding has gotten closer (we’re only a few days away!) we’re getting lots of questions from curious individuals about what we’re doing for our big day. So, I thought it’d be appropriate to have a little wedding gush on the ole blog and fill you all in on some of the details. And we promise we’ll follow up with pictures from our amazing photographers Matt and Mary with Luminous Photography.

For those of you that just can’t get enough of your own wedding planning, this is for you :)

A few logistics:
Location and Venue- Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island
Size- 40 guests
Colors- Coral, navy, and silver/grey with accents of yellow and light blue

Keeping our wedding small was really important to us, and as many of you know, can be really difficult. Eli wanted to go to the courthouse, and I at least wanted to gather our closest family and friends, so that’s how we landed on 40. We’re also both natives of the Midwest, but wanted to keep the wedding celebrations in Seattle, so we knew that would affect our guest count. I have a huge extended family, and it just wasn’t feasible to expect all of them to travel to the West coast. In the end, the distance worked in our favor, as many family members were more understanding of not being invited since they didn’t really intend on going, anyway. We did have to stick to our guns, though. Throughout the process we were encouraged by many to invite people, even if we didn’t want them on the guest list, because we could assume they wouldn’t attend. As someone that has been in that position, and also as a wedding planner, let me tell you that is really bad advice! Sure it might keep someone from getting their feelings hurt, but how are you going to feel if those individuals rsvp yes, and your wedding grows beyond capacity or your comfort level? And how are you going to feel spending time mingling with them on your wedding day instead of the all the other people on your guest list? We didn’t want to be put in that position, and it also just felt really wrong to invite someone hoping they would say no, so we avoided it altogether. We only invited our closest friends and family, and made apologies as needed to the rest.

We picked Camano Island because we also wanted a venue where everyone could stay overnight (Cama Beach has waterfront cabins), and a place that felt relaxed. We also love the outdoors, so a state park felt fitting for us. The outdoor space keeps it casual, and the Cama Center is a wonderful space for the reception, and back-up ceremony space just in case it’s really rainy. Although we’re not opposed to just giving everyone an umbrella ;)

Everyone expected me to pick the color green for the wedding (it’s my fave!), but I surprised them with coral. Why? I have this really cool leather coral bag :) No seriously, that’s why. I first saw the bag at the Fremont Sunday Market, but didn’t buy it. I went back for weeks hoping to find it again. When I finally did, I bought it on the spot and it’s been my favorite ever since. What better wedding inspiration?!

Finally, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pieces at our wedding. We found this beautiful white vintage table runner with lace ends. During one of our trips up to Camano Island we stopped at this little vintage shop. It was a runner on one of their shelves and this really sweet old lady took down all of their other items from the shelf to get it down, and during the process we found this large oil stain from a vintage trumpet. I was disappointed, but the woman told me she’d try to get it out. I wasn’t optimistic and left knowing we’d probably need to continue searching for table decor. Then, two days later, she called and had worked tirelessly trying different concoctions, and finally got out the stain. It’s going to go across the head table where we’re sitting, and I’m so excited.She went above and beyond for us, even though we were complete strangers, to make sure our day had something special and I’m so grateful.

More to come after the big day!