Welcome to My Blog: Confessions of an Event Planner

Hello there!

My name is Candi, lover of event planning and thrift shopping, and hence owner of Thrifty Events. I’ve debated beginning this blog for quite some time, and today I've decided to take the leap and share with you my insights and helpful tidbits about wedding planning. I want this blog to be truthful, engaging, and different from everything else you'll read out there about wedding planning, which is why I’m going to kick off the entire thing with a confession of sorts.

I, like most of you reading this, am a bride to be. Isn’t being engaged such a fun, exciting, and weird time? Seriously, I don’t think I’ve been told “Congratulations!” more times in my life, and I feel like I’ve accomplished some pretty cool things. But, getting married is a pretty big deal, so we’ve graciously accepted the well wishes and began our journey of wedding planning.

So here is my confession. I have helped many couples plan their weddings, but I, Candi Witzigreuter, lover of event planning, have hired a wedding coordinator. *GASP* It’s a question that people have teased me about since the day we got engaged. They sarcastically would say “So, are you going to hire a wedding planner?” to which I would reply “No way, I’m so excited to plan my own wedding!” But, wouldn’t you know it, reality hit Eli and I like a ton of bricks. Planning our own wedding was much harder than planning someone else’s.  

Why you might ask?  

Well, choosing our venue and vendors was a breeze. We found Cama Beach State Park, and Eli and I were ready to book immediately. It had everything we were looking for, an outdoor ceremony with a view, cabins for our friends and family, an indoor reception space, and we loved that we’d be getting married in one of the state parks. We booked our vendors based on connections I had in the industry, and I came up with my list of DIY projects (seriously, here's my own wedding Pinterest board. And like most brides, I've completed about a quarter of what I've pinned, but more on that in a later post!) What we didn’t factor into our plan was our families. I mean, we had developed our guest list early, but what we hadn’t considered was how many questions, and opinions, they would have for us. Even when they weren’t vocally expressing them, we were constantly wondering, “Will this work for that person?”, or “How will that decision affect this group of people?” and on and on. Like many of you, we want to be gracious hosts and want everyone to enjoy our wedding day. But that means giving time and energy to our guests. This isn’t a bad thing, and hiring a coordinator simply meant that when I had to choose between spending my evening talking to my bridesmaids about their skirts and jewelry (and other juicy gossip, of course!) or talking to our caterer about wine list pricing, I could opt for chatting with my best friends rather than the latter, and still know that both were being handled. Spending time with your family and friends on your wedding day is important, but so is being able to enjoy the planning process with them leading up to it, and hiring a coordinator can help alleviate those to-do list items so you can do just that. 

Beyond balancing family with planning, we also know what it takes to pull off a flawless wedding day. There are hours spent behind the scenes to make those gorgeous pictures you see all over Pinterest and wedding websites. We truly love spending those hours setting up for our couples’ weddings, but that’s not how we want to spend our wedding day. Eli and I made a pack that our wedding day wouldn’t feel like work. We want to enjoy brunch together, have a mimosa or two with our wedding party, and get pampered, not set up chairs and decor. Not to mention the end of the night. Oh, the end of a wedding. When you and your guests leave at 9, 10, 11pm, or maybe even midnight or later, there is a lot to do. Clear drinks from the tables, take down and box up decorations, load those decorations into cars, take down tables and chairs, sweep the floors, the list goes on and on. There’s no mood killer for a couple, or their guests, like cleaning. If you want to ride off into the sunset, or keep partying with your family and friends, then you need to hire an event coordinator.

We’re a firm believer that everyone, even event planners, need help on that special day. Whether you’re a DIY savvy bride, logistics guru, loving (or hating) the wedding planning process, a coordinator is a great investment. And, when considering hiring Thrifty Events, just know that from one engaged couple to another, we know exactly how you feel! 

Stay Thrifty,

PS -  You didn't think I'd really finish this post without letting you know who we're working with, did you? If you don't find what your looking for with us, check out Shine Event Design. Nothing but fabulous things to say about Shelby and her team! :)