The One Thing Your Wedding Planner Should Never Do

Wedding planners are a huge benefit and stress reliever. There is a reason we’re often referred to as “lifesavers” and adored by clients for our top notch organizational skills and calm presence under pressure (ok, tooting my own horn a bit there) But really, there are so many things we can do to help you put together a beautiful day. We can recommend vendors and review contracts before you sign. We’ll save you time by managing email and phone communication with vendors. We’ll manage your budget. We’ll coordinate the day-of details and work with you to develop a design that matches your vision.

There is one thing we cannot, or rather should not do, and that’s overhaul your wedding ideas for our own. It’s one of the fears that keeps many from hiring a planner- that fear in the back of their minds that their planner is going to come in, guns blazing and clipboard in hand, and take over. Soon your laid back wedding is morphing into a fairy tale dream wedding with flowers and glitter everywhere. Oh the glitter. (If this is your actual wedding vision, picture the exact opposite. No glitter and awful flowers. You get the idea.) Essentially, it’s the fear that if someone else is helping with planning, it will somehow feel less like you. Or worse, will become your “nightmare” wedding. The truth, though, is that’s actually our worst nightmare. My number one goal is to listen to your ideas and opinions, likes and dislikes, go through pictures, colors, and designs that have inspired you, and then start planning together, as a team. Will I give my recommendations and honest opinions? Absolutely. But your opinions and decisions are what matter most, not mine, because at the end of the day it’s your wedding.  

Working with a planner is all about collaboration, and that’s true in each stage of planning, not just decorations. When we suggest vendors, there may be some that you love and then some that don’t quite hit the mark. We work together each step of the way to ensure your wedding is what you want, not what we want.

So fear not, friend, we’re here to help you with planning and we’ll do it as a team. We’ll provide guidance, and while we will take the bulk of the work off your plate, your voice will always be heard and listened to.

Stay Thrifty,