All I Do Is Pin Pin Pin No Matter What

Pinterest is a major part of the planning process, so without further ado, here is our best advice on how to manage your wedding board. 

#1 - Go wild and pin like crazy!

These are the words every new bride-to-be loves to hear. And it’s totally normal to go crazy on Pinterest, so have at it. Think of the early planning as your brainstorming phase-- all ideas are welcome and on the table.

#2 - Step away and let it soak in

You’ve seen a lot and now it’s time to let it soak in and see what sticks. Chances are if there is an idea or project that really stood out to you while pinning, it will still be on your mind a few days, weeks, or months later. The best way to know if an idea is worthwhile is by how much you continue to think about it while you’re not on Pinterest.

#3 - Stick to your style

Pinterest has a way of allowing us to get carried away, and suddenly we’re pinning diamond encrusted invitations, wall to wall floral arrangements, and coordinated outfits for all of our guests. Those are all cool ideas, but they may not align with your wedding theme or style, and can often times clutter your idea board. Remember, your wedding should be a representation of you and your significant other. As soon as you begin feeling like you’re only doing things because you saw it on Pinterest, that’s a good sign to step away from the computer and take a break.  

#4 - Consult your partner

Just because you love that huge floral archway with flower petals covering the entire aisle and ceremony space (we’ve all seen that picture), does not mean your partner will. And vice versa. When wedding planning, it might surprise you what your significant other will think is important and have an opinion on. It takes compromise to land on a mix of decorations and colors that fit both individuals’ personalities and style. Bring your partner in on your brainstorming and keep an open mind. And compromise! Welcome to being married.

#5 - Remember your budget

Just like getting carried away and pinning items that don’t fit your theme, it’s also easy to forget your spending limits and begin planning a dream wedding as if money grew on trees. Yes, it’s great to dream, but it can also be disappointing to get your hopes up on a particular design only to realize it’s way outside of your price point. When you do find items you like, talk to a professional sooner rather than later. They can let you know what it will actually cost, and provide similar alternatives if your original idea isn’t going to work.

#6 - Share your board with your wedding planner

We’ve seen and decorated a lot of weddings, so don’t hesitate to openly share your ideas with your planner. We understand you’re not going to incorporate every single pin into your wedding day, but seeing it all together can give us a pretty good idea of what you’re going for. One of my favorite things to do with clients is to sit down and walk through their pinterest boards with them. Just being able to see which pins they choose to talk about, open, and explain, versus which ones they scroll past quickly is a great indicator of where I should put my time when developing decor.  

#7 - Narrow down your pins

You likely now have a massive page of pins. Congratulations, you followed Tip #1 really well. And although you took Tips #3-6 to heart, you still have more options than you know what to do with. That’s ok, because now it’s time to unpin. *GASP* The fear that a good DIY idea will be gone forever just rushed over me even typing that sentence, but I’m here to tell you that it will be ok. During wedding planning, there are few things you can, or will want to change your mind on, especially after deposits have been paid. Your pinterest board is less serious. As you’re looking through your ideas, if there are things you’ve completely ruled out, or are no longer interest you, unpin them. If you’ve bought a dress, it’s ok to unpin those 20 other dress inspiration pins. Or if you’ve decided on a venue in the woods, you can totally unpin all those beach scape settings. Clear the clutter and you’ll find that just like in Tip #2 when the ideas you liked stuck with you, the ideas you like the most will stay on your board. You may even see some pins in a new light now that you’re further into planning. We’re not saying unpin everything, just don’t feel like you have to hold on to every idea you’ve pinned during the entire planning process.

#8 - Stop pinning

Eventually you will hit a point of no return. It may not be right away, but at some point you will need to stop pinning. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a MOH, friend, family member, significant other, or even a planner that will tell you when the ideas you’ve created are enough. If no one is there to point it out to you, it’s a time when decisions have already been made, the theme and colors are set, and deposits are paid. It’s the point in time when continuing to pin and add ideas is only doing more harm than good. It’s like continuing to try on wedding dresses after you’ve already purchased one. It will only cause self-doubt, confusion, and fear you’re missing out on something better. You’re not. If you’ve stayed true to yourself and chosen items for your wedding that you really like, then it’s absolutely ok to step back and acknowledge the work that you’ve done and be happy with your choices. There will always be next year’s styles and trends, and an endless stream of wedding ideas, but wedding planning is not forever. So go crazy in the beginning, enjoy the brainstorming, make decisions, and then as difficult as it may be, stop pinning. 

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