Give the Gift of Wedding Coordination

This holiday season, get your engaged friends something they’ll really thank you for - the gift of wedding coordination. Let’s be honest, Christmas shopping can be tough. So many gifts feel so impersonal, and without a list, it’s often hard to know what they actually like or want. And handing them a generic gift card just feels like you put in no effort. We’ve got you covered!

Wedding coordination is often one of the last pieces that couples budget for when planning their wedding for two main reasons. 1)  They know they’ll be doing all of the planning on their own, and 2) they don’t actually know how beneficial a wedding coordinator will be leading up to the wedding, even if they are doing their own planning. By gifting them a wedding coordinator, or at least funds to put toward a coordinator, you’ll be their superhero! As stress builds before the big day, and their coordinator is there to take care of it, they’ll be singing your praises for looking out for them. We can hear their sighs of relief already. Have a friend that’s super organized and detail oriented already? That’s even more reason to give them this gift. The more organized the person is, the likelier they are to have high expectations for their vendors and the more attention to detail they’ll have on the smallest of items on the big day. Hiring a coordinator will ensure they can hand over the reigns, sit back, and actually enjoy their wedding day.

Gifting wedding coordination will also give them the time needed to hang out with you, their friends, and family on their wedding day. They won’t need to set up decorations, tear down and clean up at the end of the night, or run around checking in with vendors, which means there’s plenty of time for mingling throughout the entire day. Even better, if you’re in the wedding party, the spouse of someone in the wedding party, or just a close friend, you’ve just gotten yourself out of a lot of those tasks. Yes, it’s totally fine to be selfish! Having a wedding coordinator on site takes a lot of stress and responsibility off of family and friends, so now everyone can enjoy the day, not just the happy couple.


Give the gift of coordination with this free downloadable certificate. You can fill in the details, including the amount you’d like to contribute, and even leave a special note for the couple. Now you have the perfect, personalized gift you know they’ll love!