The Big “Budget-Friendly” Wedding Decision That Could Be Costing You More

Right from the beginning you know you're on a budget, so first things first, you start searching for the most inexpensive venues available…. Wrong!

The venue you choose will set the stage for many of the decisions you'll need to make while planning your wedding, and while spending less on the venue may feel good right now, it could be costing you thousands of dollars down the line.

Every venue will vary when it comes to what's included in the cost, so it's very important to dig in to the details before you rule out a location just based on the price tag.

Here's an example: Venue A is an open space, with nothing provided, but also has no vendor restrictions. The world is your oyster! You can dress up or dress down the space to your liking and it's only $1,000 for the day. Venue B on the other hand is a more established wedding venue with 200 chairs and ample tables provided, a sound system, bar, and lots of decor to choose from, but it's $2,500 for the day.

While Venue A has a great price tag, and is likely very appealing to my DIY couples out there, venue B is likely the better deal. Renting chairs, tables, decor and other items needed to turn an open space into a wedding-ready venue will likely cost you more than the $1,500 you'd initially save.

Now, I'm not advising that you blow your entire budget on your venue, and this is by no means a comprehensive list of the factors that should go in to choosing a venue. However, I strongly encourage you to compare what's included, and what's not included, at each location before making your decision. You never know, spending more now could end up helping your overall wedding budget!


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