5 Gift Ideas Using Your Wedding Pictures

A key component of wedding planning is gift giving. Sure, you’ll receive many gifts, but giving gifts to your parents, anyone that contributed financially to your wedding, and to the members of your wedding party is just as important. Although it’s typical to give a gift at the rehearsal dinner, those are often items that they may find useful or meaningful, like jewelry, beer or wine glasses, shirts, socks, etc. Once you receive the your wedding pictures, though, there are so many other great gift options! Here are my top 5 favorite gift ideas that will inspire you to use your wedding photos again this holiday season.

1) Watercolor Wedding Portrait - These watercolor portraits by Kristin van Lieshout at SimplyArtByKristin are one of my favorite gift ideas this season, so much so that I needed to reach out to Kristin myself to learn more.  Kristin started her Etsy shop in 2012, and her passion for watercolor and creating custom pieces for clients shines through in each portrait! Here's a little bit from the artist herself.  “Lately, my biggest selling item has been my custom watercolor portraits of wedding days.  I love painting people, and I love watercolor, so these paintings have made great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and of course, first anniversary traditional paper gifts. It's such a special honor to paint such beautiful moments for others from their wedding day!  I've also done several family and children portraits as well."

Kristin makes the ordering process so easy for her customers, too. Upon ordering, you can send her a favorite photo from your wedding day (the quality of the photo matters, so just another reason to be thankful you purchased professional photography) or you can send a combination of photos. "Some of my best work has come out of photos that have been beautiful to start with--the quality of the photo makes all the difference in how the final result turns out.  Other times, I take the best elements of several photos to create a piece of art that they can proudly display in their home." 

Want to get started on a custom portrait? You can contact Kristin through her Etsy shop, or by email at kristin.vanlieshout@gmail.com

2) Word Foto - This is one of the coolest apps I’ve found and super easy to use! It is currently only available for iphone (sorry, androids users!). I had my husband download it for me (guess who's an android user...), and I'm so glad I did! We had a blast turning photos in to word art masterpieces! You can take a photo through the app, or upload one from your phone, and then select either a phrase from the provided list, or create your own. Following these two simple steps creates some awesome pieces, but you can also fine tune them by adjusting the size, colors, fonts, etc. If you're planning to create a large print, that may be helpful, but regardless of the gift you have in mind, it's a really cool app to use!

3) DIY Wedding Vows Photo Frame - This would be an adorable gift for your spouse on your first Christmas as newlyweds. Check out the blog Something Turquoise for the step by step instructions. It’s super easy, inexpensive, and adorable-- Our three favorite things when gift giving! Keep in mind you could substitute the vows for a toast that was given, write a thank you note, or use an inspirational quote to give this gift to a parent, friend, or other family member.

4) Charm Bracelet - There’s something about tiny pictures that I just love, and when you combine that with jewelry, well, let's just say you’ve got my attention! I love these personalized bracelets from Soufeel because it’s a great way to use your pictures in a functional way. They have a variety of charms to choose from, allowing you to mix and match to personalize the style to the individual. And again, who doesn’t love jewelry? 

5) Christmas Ornament - Ok, this one doesn’t necessarily include a wedding photo, but I loved the idea so much that I had to share. This gift idea came from Brittany on her then blog, and now website, A Bit of Bees Knees. It’s an easy project to replicate and super cute!  

Stay Thrifty,