Wedding Buiding Blocks: An inside look at the creation of the course

I have to admit, this course almost wasn't created. It was an idea I had at the beginning of 2017, but in the midst of planning my transition from part-time at the UW to full-time with Thrifty Events, it was daunting and overwhelming to even consider how I would create the course at the same time. 

When the course was still on my mind in June, I knew it was important. I frequently overthink things, but there was something different about this course. It excited me in a way that I hadn't experienced before with wedding planning. I could see the potential impact this course would have for couples. How much easier it would make wedding planning for them. And how much more accessible working with a wedding planner could become for the many engaged couples that want guidance, but hiring a wedding planner is completely out of their budget. I knew the course had to be made! 

Then, the summer wedding season kicked in to high gear. While the content easily flowed into a course outline, and I had scribbled out my to-do list for creating the course, the thought of filming myself and editing video content seemed so overwhelming. I like to think I'm technologically savvy, but video editing? That seemed out of my wheelhouse. Having the entire course outline sitting in front of me, but feeling like it was impossible to create, was tough. But, luckily, there are some amazing online course creators that have shared their experience with how-to guides, and you better believe I binged all of it! I read every blog I could get my hands on and watched webinar after webinar on video editing, hosting a course, and how to use the platform. I was determined to get this course out there for the world to use, and luckily, I prevailed. #Girlbossmoment 

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This course was a labor of love. I think I tapped into the depths of my creative ability, plus some. There were times that I wondered if the course would really interest couples, and if it was worth all the sweat and tears (oh yes, there were tears), but I knew more than anything, I would regret not creating it more than not trying. And when the moments got tough, I feel very fortunate to have an even tougher husband and support system of friends to get me through it. I've always loved the quote "Great things never came from comfort zones", and now, I feel like I have a new appreciation for it. From finding the motivation to begin, to getting the courage to post and launch the final product, it's been challenging, but in the best way possible. I am so incredibly proud of this course, and I know it's going to make such a huge difference for so many engaged couples struggling to get through wedding planning. They'll learn the basics of event planning, how to stay organized, get the inside scoop from a wedding planner in the industry, and have the ability to ask questions and share their progress.

With anything new, it can be a little scary, but as that fades I'm getting more and more excited to see where this journey takes us. I hope you'll join me!