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We hired Thrifty Events for our day of wedding coordination; and it was hands down one of the best decisions we made.

Candi is easy-going, organized, and knows what she is doing. She has a passion for events, and weddings in particular. She and her partner were amazing assets on the day of, setting up and breaking down, as well as handling all of the vendor coordination. She also ran our rehearsal the day before the wedding; which really put me and my husband at ease.

We used several of Candi’s vendor recommendations, and couldn’t have been happier. She had affordable suggestions for catering, bartending, photography, and hair/make-up. Each of these recommendations panned out beyond our expectations.

Candi, is one of those few people, who truly loves what she does, and she has fun doing it - her passion shines through. If you are looking for a thoughtful day of coordinator, wedding or party planner, with great attention to detail, and a resource of expertise - hire Thrifty Events (before someone else does) for your date!
— Sandra

Day Of Coordination

Wedding Day Of Coordination is at the core of what we do at Thrifty Events. It's our base package, our bread and butter, and here's an overview of what's included:

The Brain Dump

This package really begins a few months before the wedding with a meeting for you to share all of the planned details with us. We'll meet over coffee, ice cream, or something delicious, and indulge in all of your wedding details! 


We've mastered the art of collecting all of the needed details for a smooth wedding day, and simplifying the hand off of information. 

  1. We go over how you'd like the day to flow (we'll use this to develop or tweak your timeline)
  2. We review your ceremony details
  3. We collect your vendors' contact information
  4. We check on the day-of details (the small items most people forget)
  5. We gather the names of all wedding party members and family involved in the day

Contract Review

We'll have you send us copies of all of your vendors' contracts and review them to ensure you've crossed all your T's and dotted all your I's. 

Venue Visit

We'll go to the venue together to discuss how you'll utilize the space, the ceremony and reception layout, placement of decorations, and logistics for flipping the room (if needed). If there's a floor plan provided by the venue, I'll use that to draw the layout, otherwise, you'll get a taste of my amazing drawing skills as I attempt to freehand the space from scratch ;) Either way, we'll walk away with a detailed plan!

Coordinate Your Vendors

Once the timeline and layout are developed, I'll contact all of your vendors to confirm their arrival/departure times, deliveries, as well as any special set up requirements they need. We make sure they have the correct date and location, time frames, parking information, load-in details, etc. We also ensure they have my contact information, and I have the direct contact information for the person on site the day of the wedding. 


We'll practice walking down the aisle a few times, make sure everyone knows where to stand, and that everyone feels comfortable with the ceremony details. 

The Wedding Day

We're the first to arrive and last to leave, manage all set-up of decorations per the layout we developed together, check-in with all of your vendors upon arrival to get them loaded in and set up in the correct location, check in with you, your soon-to-be spouse , and family throughout the day, keep things running smoothly per the timeline, and at the end of the night manage all clean-up, packing of decor, and venue check-out, so you can sail off into the sunset with your new spouse, worry free! 

Our Wedding Day Of Coordination Package is $1,400.